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We offer all services except refinishing for brass instruments. These services include (but are not limited to) Ultrasonic cleaning, dent removal, piston and rotary valve repairs, valve casing thread repairs, rotary valve re-stringing, re-soldering of broken braces and other parts, patch fabrication and installation, stuck tuning slide removal, trombone slide repair, parts replacement, installation of slide trigger assemblies, repair of slide trigger assemblies and custom modifications.

Job Descriptions

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Complete disassembly of valves and slides. Immersion of instrument frame and parts into the Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine.

The UltraSonic Machine professionally cleans using cavitation bubbles induced by high-frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate the Special Non Toxic Liquid Soap.  The high speed agitation method penetrates holes, cracks and recesses to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination that are tightly adhered to or embedded onto solid surfaces.mild acid solution to remove corrosion. The Ultra Sonic Machine is used in the hi tech industry like NASA where cleaning cannot remove any of the original surface because of the tight tolerance needed.

After cleaning we replace all valve felts & corks. Replace water key corks. On trombones, replace slide bumper cork. On rotary valve instruments replace valve strings and rotor stop corks. Valve alignment for correct porting of piston or rotary valves. Re-assembly of instrument with lubrication of valves and slides. Play test of instrument for intonation and ease of play. Ultrasonic  cleaning prices for silver plated instruments are higher due to the extra clean-up time involved.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning Prices
Trumpet or Cornet / Lacquer Finish $104.00
Trumpet or Cornet / Silver Plate $110.00
Trombone / Lacquer Finish $104.00
Trombone / Silver Plate $110.00
Bass Trombone / F Attachment Trombone $120.00
Bari-Horn/ Marching Brass / Lacquer Finish $115.00
Bari-Horn / Marching Brass / Silver Plate $120.00
Tuba or Sousaphone / Lacquer Finish $125.00
Tuba or Sousaphone / Silver Plate $150.00
Single French Horn $140.00
Double French Horn $145.00

Trombone Slide Repair

Slide repair begins with Chemical Cleaning job listed above. Inside and outside tubes are first inspected for dents. Dents are removed using the correct fitting mandrel for the inside of the tube and roller or hand burnishing over the dented area. Dent hammers are used only in extreme cases where there is a sharp crease which cannot be removed by burnishing. Cleaning of the outside tubes is done again to remove any deposits broken loose during dent removal. Both inside and outside tubes are straightened on a leveling plate with attention to stocking alignment on the inside tubes. Inside and outside slide sections are then adjusted for proper parallel spacing. Slide is then reassembled with the bell unit and slide action is checked with instrument held in playing position. In case of extreme tube damage, we also do slide tube replacement (prices on inspection).

Trombone Slide Repair Estimate
Tenor Trombone $130.00
Bass Trombone $130.00


Valve Repair Estimate
Trumpet or Cornet $35.00
Bari-Horn or Marching Brass $50.00
Tuba or Sousaphone $75.00
Single French Horn $50.00
Double French Horn $60.00