Expert brass repair. This guy is one of the best in the area since Zeps was open years ago in Burbank. This guy did a great great great job! And reasonably priced. – Asdru S., Los Angeles, CA


Very great music store! I recently went in to get my clarinet fixed. They are very nice and help you very well. He had it fixed that  same day and I went back to pick it up the next day. I highly recommend this store. – David S., Glendale, CA


I’ve met Nedra and John a few times walking in to ask them a thousand questions about the musical community here in Burbank and they’ve always taken time out of their busy schedule to give information and constructive advice.

These people are great :) I find myself constantly ogling that cello in the window, even though I can’t play one.
Their shop is THE sanctum-sanctorum for any music buff in So Cal. – Ethan F., Burbank, CA


Fantastic and friendly service for my bari sax at Pedersen’s.  After several trips (and $$) for the same problem at another music store, John identified and solved my issue while I waited.  I’ve found my new sax repair shop.  After discovering this great shop I will never go anywhere else!  Thanks John and Nedra. – Noah K., Los Angeles, CA


My newly adopted son needed a cello for his high-school orchestra class.  Having never dealt with this issue I went to Pedersen’s.  Not only did they educate me but they walked me through the process step by step.  Within a short time my son had everything he needed.  The next day, unfortunately, he broke one of his strings while tuning up the cello (I guess this happens to kids a lot).  I brought the cello back in and they replaced the string in minutes.

Their service is top-notch.  They are friendly, knowledgeable and really understand not only the instruments but the music programs.  I had my choices of several places to go and I’m glad I picked this one. – Rhys R., Burbank, CA


“I had been searching for just the right place to take my cherished clarinet for repairs, or “overhaul,”since I haven’t played for many, many years. I had been an excellent clarinetist, so wanted nothing but the best as far as knowledge, ability, and skills. I was more than happy to have found Pedersen’s in Burbank.  Not only did John know exactly what was wrong and how to fix it, he listened to my needs and addressed all of my concerns. PLUS, when I picked up my clarinet and asked about reeds and other accessories, Nedra provided me with all the necessities I needed for the proper care and maintenance of my beautiful clarinet.  I am so very pleased and excited to re-gain the title, Clarinetist!” – Lynddi S., Los Angeles, CA

Small but Big Service


This place is an absolute gem. When my son starting playing in the school band, I was surprised to find this great store that could help answer all of our questions and assist with the instrument’s upkeep. Hooray!!!

Small town, honest business!
Teresa M.

I am musically ignorant, but bravely entered Pedersen’s in search of a metronome for my son. I left the store with very pleased with my purchase that was well within my budget!

Pedersen’s is a small family run music business. The owner was very friendly and did not try to “sell” me any specific metronome, but showed me what they had and let me make my own decision.

I will definitely go there again for my music needs!

PROS: Friendly, no sales pressure
CONS: None!

Great for the stock items
Jen W.

I visit Pedersens frequently for new strings and other violin accessories. It’s a friendly environment and everyong there is always nice and helpful. One time I broke the bridge on my violin and they fixed it while I waited. They didn’t even charge me an arm and a leg for the express service. All of the stock items are fairly priced. I recommend Pedersens for all of your musical needs.

PROS: Excellent service, well stocked on the basics
CONS: None that I have discovered

Riva M.

What a wonderful shop this is for purchasing and having repairs made for your instruments. My daughter plays the Flute, Picolo and a few others. Mr. Pedersen fixes her instruments in great time. Other places that I have gone to sometimes take a few weeks. Not here, I never had to wait more then 2 days to get any of her instruments back. Most of the time he is able to fix it while we are still there. Highly recommend them. His prices are very reasonable on repairs and his prices on instruments are the same.

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