We are proud to have several fine woodwind, brass instrument and string instructors at our store. All are highly qualified professional musicians who are experienced in teaching all levels of players.

:: Woodwinds Instructor ::
Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Oboe

Bob has a bachelor’s degree in music performance from Cal State Los Angeles. He has toured with the musical shows: Jerome Robbins Broadway, Cats, Les Miserables, and Parade. Bob has played in shows at the Shubert, the Pantages, and with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. He is also active in recording for movies and television. Bob went to school in Burbank through High School. He lives in the Burbank area.

Bob Crosby


:: Trumpet Instructor ::

Roy Wiegand is a professional trumpet player who plays every style of music: Rock and Roll, classical, klezmer, be-bop, mariachi, Dixieland, and salsa. He has appeared in concerts with many artists such as Michael Bolton, Carly Simon, and Amy Grant. He has also been a featured soloist on motion picture and television soundtracks. Roy lives in the Burbank area with his wife and two children.

Roy Wiegand III


:: Brass Instructor ::
Trombone / Euphonium / Baritone Horn

Roy Wiegand has an extensive career as a professional trombonist. He has studied under Milton Bush, Carmine Caruso, Modeste Allo and Joseph Ladine. He has recorded five CD’s in his own name including “Stan the Big Sur” with the Roy Wiegand Jazz Orchestra. He has recorded movie soundtracks for “Rumor Has It”, “Elizabeth Town” and “The Count of Monte Cristo.” He has also played in big bands along with such legends as Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson, Dick Stabile, the Kai Winding Septet and Johnny Haigiss Relief Band. Roy lives in the Burbank area with his wife.

Roy Wiegand Jr.


:: Violin, Viola and Piano (Keyboard) Plus Math Tutor ::

Amber Pedersen has been involved in music since she was 6 years old, beginning with private lessons in Piano. When she was 8 years old, she started playing violin in the school orchestra. She loved it so much, her parents got her private lessons for violin. She has played violin in the Bella Musica Conservatory, Glendale Youth Orchestra, and Renaissance Arts Academy through junior and senior high school. In 10th grade, she found her love in teaching music to others. Friends unfamiliar with music asked to learn about violin and piano, and Amber was excited to share her knowledge. After a few lessons with friends, she officially started offering private lessons to new students of all ages. She has now been teaching for 5 years at Pedersen's Band and Orchestra. Throughout these 5 years, she has expanded on the material she teaches. She has gone from only teaching how to play the instrument in a single private lesson to also offering music history, music theory, ensembles, quartets, duets, and concerts. She believes a good musician needs to have a well rounded musical education that emphasizes good technique as much as understanding the music being played. Amber is a Senior at UCLA and studying Math for Education. She received various honors in Math during her primary and secondary school years. If your child is struggling in basic math, algebra, geometry, or calculus, Amber will get him or her back on track!

Amber Pedersen