Practice Makes Progress–5 Tips for New Musicians

I saw this great poster in a Band Director’s classroom last week and it really hit home with me. We always do a lot of instrument rentals for students who have never played an instrument before. They want to be good at playing their instrument right away (their parents do, too!) but of course we all know it takes time to become skilled at anything, especially a musical instrument. Particularly–time practicing. Do they know how to practice for progress? Here are some tips: Find a Continue reading →

Musical Instrument Rental FAQs

We’ve been blogging about Musical Instrument Rentals all month and covered a lot of ground, so I though we could do a compilation of our posts as Rental Season winds down. Don’t have an instrument yet? It’s never too late to rent a musical instrument with Bertrand’s Music! Come in to one of our 6 locations anytime! We started out with Choosing Your First Musical Instrument. How do you know which instrument to choose for your student? Bottom line–which one will they PRACTICE? We gave you Continue reading →

Every Musician Needs a Pencil

Did you know…every musician needs a pencil! Different instruments require different accessories–some more, some less. What does your child’s new instrument need? Let’s find out! Woodwind Accessories Flute – Flutes don’t need much, but they do need to be swabbed out when you’re done performing or practicing. A cloth or Swab to put in the end of the cleaning rod does the trick. Clarinet – Clarinets also need a Swab, but they use one with a weight on one end, rather than on a rod. Clarinets also need Reeds Continue reading →