Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

All of the Bertrand’s Music locations were celebrating yesterday–hope you had a chance to stop in and trick-or-treat! We have some pictures from each of our locations, all over Southern California: San Diego, San Bernardino, Mission Viejo, Poway, Pasadena, and Burbank. In our San Diego store, even the ukuleles got into the act! Thanks for the picture, Fernando! At our flagship store in San Bernardino, the staff may have gone a bit too far… Reylina must be having an interesting day! In Burbank we all Continue reading →

Musical Instrument Rental FAQs

We’ve been blogging about Musical Instrument Rentals all month and covered a lot of ground, so I though we could do a compilation of our posts as Rental Season winds down. Don’t have an instrument yet? It’s never too late to rent a musical instrument with Bertrand’s Music! Come in to one of our 6 locations anytime! We started out with Choosing Your First Musical Instrument. How do you know which instrument to choose for your student? Bottom line–which one will they PRACTICE? We gave you Continue reading →

5 Reasons to Rent a Musical Instrument

Every musician has a story–how they started playing what they play. Some inherited an instrument from an older relative so that’s what they play. Some borrowed an instrument from school and had to take what was available at the time so they kind of fell into a certain instrument. Some people play what someone they admire played or loved a particular song or sound and wanted to be able to do that, too. Sometimes kids choose an instrument and sometimes an instrument–or situation–chooses them. Your Continue reading →

How Do Musical Instrument Rentals Work?

A lot of our customers have never rented a musical instrument before–and many have never played one, either. They have a lot of questions about how the process works and about how their child will care for their instrument. So let’s go through the process of renting a musical instrument! Step 1: Choose an instrument Your child may have been advised by a band or orchestra teacher or they may already have decided what they have always wanted to try. Read more about choosing your Continue reading →

Choosing Your First Musical Instrument

Choosing their first musical instrument is an important moment in a child’s life–they could be choosing their life’s work and beginning a musical journey that will last decades. Or they could quit after a year and never play again. How do you know which instrument to choose? First, remember this–YOU CAN CHANGE LATER. If you pick the clarinet this year, you can pick the saxophone or even the trumpet next year! During your year of Clarinet, you will be learning how to read music, how Continue reading →

Summer Repairs: Is Your Instrument Ready to Go Back-to-School?

At Bertrand’s Music, we are just finishing off our big summer repair season. That’s when band directors all over Southern California bring us (or have us pick up) dozens of instruments for repair and maintenance before the new school year begins. Why do instruments need to be repaired? Well, of course, sometimes instruments get damaged by being dropped or falling over. Brass instruments often get dents this way.  Here is a dented trombone slide that was definitely dropped on the floor: This flute that came Continue reading →

7 Music Essentials for Back-to-School

As a mom of high school (and now college, yikes!) students, I am familiar with the joys of Back-to-School shopping. What size binders this year? College or wide ruled? White board markers or Sharpies? You know the drill as well as I do, I’m sure! Music students also need Back-to-School supplies and now is a great time to take care of that shopping as well: Reeds – Check and see if your student has new reeds for the new school year. Clarinet, Sax, Oboe, Bassoon, Continue reading →

Music Changes the World!

We’ve been talking on our social media channels this week about how music changes the world and how music has changed our worlds, individually, as well. Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai graduated from high school last week, and even as a young student Malala had the right idea. “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” Sometimes that child is a young musician, that teacher is a band director, that book is a score, and that pen writes something that lives Continue reading →

Make Children’s Music!

On the first day of summer, we hosted 3 guest artists in our Burbank location for Make Music LA 2017 and we had a wonderful time. First up, Suns of Cali gave us a nice set of original songs and covers which was really special! Here is a taste: Then our own Abby Lyons treated us to some songs from her eponymous CD! Abby is terrific and we also congratulate her on her LA launch last Friday night! Here she is with a song too Continue reading →