Musical Instrument Rental FAQs

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We’ve been blogging about Musical Instrument Rentals all month and covered a lot of ground, so I though we could do a compilation of our posts as Rental Season winds down.

Don’t have an instrument yet? It’s never too late to rent a musical instrument with Bertrand’s Music! Come in to one of our 6 locations anytime!

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We started out with Choosing Your First Musical InstrumentHow do you know which instrument to choose for your student? Bottom line–which one will they PRACTICE? We gave you some tips about how music teachers guide their students to their first instrument. Remember–at Bertrand’s Music you can exchange your rental instrument for a different one whenever you want!

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Then we tackled How do Musical Instrument Rentals Work? and walked you through the process of renting an instrument. It only takes 15 minutes or so and you can walk out of your local Bertrand’s Music store with your instrument in hand–and a new musician, too!

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Of course, some customers consider purchasing an instrument rather than renting, so we next discussed 5 Reasons to Rent a Musical Instrument. What were they again?

  1. Choice
  2. Quality
  3. Flexibility
  4. Protection
  5. Pride

You can read all the details in the article here.

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We finished up our Musical Instrument Rentals series with Every Musician Needs a Pencil: a discussion of the accessories your new musician needs to be successful. It’s true that every musician needs a pencil, but they need other things, too! Click on the link to find out what your young musician will need to have with them when they go to a lesson or a rehearsal and for practicing at home.

Any more questions? We are here to answer them! Feel free to leave a Comment here, visit us on Facebook or Twitter, drop me an email at or give one of our stores a call! Our number in Burbank is 818-848-9665, but we also have stores in San Bernardino, Pasadena, San Diego, Mission Viejo, and Poway! If you are in Southern California, there is probably a Bertrand’s Music near you. And if there isn’t and you would like to rent a musical instrument from us, we can bring or ship it directly to you or your school! Go to and rent online!

We hope that our blog series has made it easier for you to get the instrument you need in time for band and orchestra this year, but remember–it’s never too late to rent a musical instrument from Bertrand’s Music!