Every Musician Needs a Pencil

pencil rectangle

Did you know…every musician needs a pencil!

Different instruments require different accessories–some more, some less. What does your child’s new instrument need? Let’s find out!

Woodwind Accessories

  • Flute – Flutes don’t need much, but they do need to be swabbed out when you’re done performing or practicing. A cloth or Swab to put in the end of the cleaning rod does the trick.
  • Clarinet – Clarinets also need a Swab, but they use one with a weight on one end, rather than on a rod. Clarinets also need Reeds to work at all. Your child’s teacher will probably tell you what to get, but beginners usually get #2 Juno or Rico reeds. Ask a Bertrand’s Music Sales Associate for advice! They also need Cork Grease so it’s not too hard to put the instrument together.
  • Saxophone – A sax needs a Swab, Cork Grease and Reeds, like a Clarinet. But it is a heavier instrument, so it also needs a Neck Strap. A lot of players also use a Pad Saver which is one of those long fluffy things that stays inside the instrument.

Brass Accessories

  • Brass Instruments all need Valve Oil, Slide Oil and/or Slide Grease to keep working well, and a bore cleaner. Each instrument has a bore cleaner specifically sized for it. A polishing cloth is also a nice accessory for keeping that brass nice and shiny! Rental Instruments in the brass family come with a mouthpiece, but you might want your own.

String Accessories

  • Violins, Violas, and Cellos all need Rosin. The horsehair on a bow has scales on it, but the scales need to be standing up to make the strings on the instrument vibrate. Putting Rosin under the scales makes them stand up and the bow ready to use.
  • Violins and Violas also need a Shoulder Rest, which sits between the player’s shoulder and the instrument. A Polishing Cloth is also good to clean the Rosin dust off the wood when you are finished playing.

What else do you need? Well, we will give you a Nametag, so you can tell which instrument is yours, a Music Folder to keep your papers in, and a Fidget Spinner (because we like you!)

Oh, and a PENCIL! Why do you need a pencil? TO WRITE THINGS DOWN, OF COURSE! Your Director is going to tell you when to play loud, when to play quietly and–most importantly–when to watch the conductor! And watching the conductor is super important! Even adult musicians always–always–carry a pencil and we want you to start off right!

You will bring your love of music, your enthusiasm, your brains, and your creativity to your musical journey. Bertrand’s Music can provide the rest!