5 Reasons to Rent a Musical Instrument

trombone minnie square

Every musician has a story–how they started playing what they play. Some inherited an instrument from an older relative so that’s what they play. Some borrowed an instrument from school and had to take what was available at the time so they kind of fell into a certain instrument. Some people play what someone they admire played or loved a particular song or sound and wanted to be able to do that, too. Sometimes kids choose an instrument and sometimes an instrument–or situation–chooses them.

Your child will have a story to tell in years to come, too. The story of how he became a cellist or she became a trumpet player. The first time they made a sound on their instrument, the first time they realized they understood how to read music. These are moments that stay with musicians forever. With people.

What also stays with us forever? A moment we at Bertrand’s Music want to spare every child–the moment when they think they are terrible at music.

How does that moment happen? Usually it happens because an inexperienced but enthusiastic child picks up an instrument and cannot get it to work. It’s not in tune, it’s difficult, it doesn’t sound good and–worst of all–it’s no fun. And it’s not them, it’s the instrument.

So let’s get to the question of the day:

Why Rent A Musical Instrument?

  1. Choice – One reason to rent a musical instrument is that you can choose whatever instrument you want. No worry about running out of saxophones or trumpets, no concern that Uncle Rob’s clarinet needs a total overhaul to get it into playing condition after sitting in his garage for 30 years. If you rent an instrument from Bertrand’s Music, it is a high quality, teacher approved instrument that is serviced and ready to play. And it’s the one your student wants and you know what that means? They will PRACTICE!
  2. Quality – Your school may have an instrument for your child to play. Do you know how old that instrument is? Do you know its repair history? Do you know who dropped it and got it out of alignment? What brand is it? Was it properly maintained last year or for years before that? Is it CLEAN?
  3. Flexibility – Young string players are not big enough for full-size instruments, so they start out on fractional sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, our smallest violin in Burbank is 1/32! But they will only play a fractional size until they get bigger. At that point, they will need another instrument, and another, until they are fully grown. If you are renting your stringed instrument, you can exchange it for a different size whenever the time is right. And then when they are ready for a full-sized instrument, up to 36 months of rent can be used toward buying the perfect one!
  4. Protection – Quality musical instruments are expensive and this may be the first time you have ever handed something worth $500 or more to your child. And let them take it to school. Yikes! If you opt for our Peace-of-Mind coverage, you are protected from drops, dings, bent keys, broken strings–anything that could happen. If your child breaks or dents a school instrument or your own, we will fix it, but it will not be covered (although we do have a yearlong maintenance program, if you want that for your purchased instrument).
  5. Pride –  Giving your child responsibility for an expensive piece of equipment can be daunting, but it is a great opportunity for your child to grow without real risk to you. It’s not a school instrument or borrowed from a relative–it is theirs. They can count on it for more than a semester or even for years to come to be familiar and comfortable, and play well or we will fix or even replace it.

There are more reasons to rent from Bertrand’s Music, but the most important thing is to give your child the chance to become a musician–an achievement they will never forget!