How Do Musical Instrument Rentals Work?

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A lot of our customers have never rented a musical instrument before–and many have never played one, either. They have a lot of questions about how the process works and about how their child will care for their instrument.

So let’s go through the process of renting a musical instrument!

Step 1: Choose an instrument

Your child may have been advised by a band or orchestra teacher or they may already have decided what they have always wanted to try. Read more about choosing your first musical instrument here.

If they are in an orchestra program, they will choose a stringed instrument: Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bass. Each stringed instrument comes in fractional sizes up to full-sized for a teen or adult. Our staff will size your child for the perfect instrument in-store. If you are renting online, talk to your teacher about what size you should request and put the size in the Notes on the online rental form.

Step 2: Decide how you would like to rent?

Bertrand’s Music offers in-store, online and on-site rentals. Your teacher will tell you if we are coming to your school for a rental night. If you are not having a rental night, you have two options: Online or In-Store.

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Online Rentals

Renting a musical instrument online is easy and quick! And you can have your child’s instrument and accessories delivered directly to your school–just make a note in the form!

You need to have some personal information handy and a credit card to put on file with us, your child’s instrument choice, and to decide if you need any accessories like: music stand, reeds, swabs, polishing cloth, and rosin, to name a few. Some instruments need more accessories than others and if you don’t have a music stand at home, you should definitely consider a Bertrand’s Care Kit, which includes: any grease or oil your instrument needs, a swab for daily cleaning, a polishing cloth to keep your instrument beautiful and shiny, reeds if needed, a music folder, a nametag, a pencil, a music stand, a drawstring bag to hold it all and–new for this year–a FIDGET SPINNER! 

Your teacher might also want you to purchase a Method Book. We keep a list of our teachers’ preferences, so if you don’t know which book, we can check our database, but it is always good to ask!

After you fill out your Online Rental Form, it will appear in our computer system, which we are checking many times every day so that we can process your rental as quickly as possible.  You will receive an email copy of your receipts and your Rental Contract when it has been processed. If you are picking up your instrument from one of our stores, that means it’s ready for you. If you have requested delivery to your school, we will make your delivery as soon as possible and email you when it on the way to your school office.

In-Store Rentals

Do you want to see the instruments, touch them, maybe even try them out? Come to one of our stores! Our staff is ready to assist you with your rental. We have plenty of the typical band and orchestra instruments in stock and are getting more all the time. If you are renting a more unusual instrument–oboe, bassoon, french horn, tuba, tenor/baritone/soprano sax, piccolo, or string bass–please call ahead so we can make sure we have one for you at our location!

It takes about 15-20 minutes to process a rental in-store and all you need to bring is your driver’s license, a credit card and lots of enthusiasm! We will do the rest!

Are you ready to rent a musical instrument and start your musical journey?

My very favorite moment working for Bertrand’s Music is the moment when a child becomes a MUSICIAN! I always like to make a big deal about it and I love to take a photo! Who knows, your child could be on the first day of their life as a professional musician!

Our staff is happy to spend as much time with your family as it takes to make you comfortable and fully informed about both the rental process and what your child needs to be a young musician from day one. Come in and see us!