7 Music Essentials for Back-to-School

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As a mom of high school (and now college, yikes!) students, I am familiar with the joys of Back-to-School shopping. What size binders this year? College or wide ruled? White board markers or Sharpies? You know the drill as well as I do, I’m sure!

Music students also need Back-to-School supplies and now is a great time to take care of that shopping as well:

  1. Reeds – Check and see if your student has new reeds for the new school year. Clarinet, Sax, Oboe, Bassoon, everyone likes a fresh start!
  2. Music Stand – Your student is going to practice at home and needs a stand to hold his or her music at the right height so they can use all that great technique the are learning at school–no slouching!
  3. Swab – Does your brass or woodwind student clean out their instrument after every practice session? They should! There are many different kinds of swabs and even pad-savers that live inside a horn all the time. Don’t put your instrument away wet!
  4. Tuner and/or Metronome – Band instruments don’t need tuners too often, but string players can really benefit from a clip-on tuner. Many times tuners come with a metronome built in for working on building up your speed.
  5. Method Books – If your child was in Book 1 last year, they probably need a new Method Book for this fall. If you are one of our Burbank customers, ask a Sales Associate which book your child’s director uses–we keep a list!
  6. Starter Kit – If your child is a newly-minted musician this year, a starter kit is a great way to make sure they have everything they need on day one. Starter kits include swabs, polishing cloths, oil and/or grease and reeds for instruments that use them. Bertrand’s Music carries First Lesson kits, Maintenance kits, and Starter Kits which include a music stand and a drawstring backpack to carry everything in, as well as everything in a First Lesson Kit, a nametag for your instrument, a pencil, a music folder and even a FIDGET SPINNER!
  7.  The last (and maybe most important) thing you need for your music studies at Back-to-School time? Enthusiasm! Studies show that music education makes kids look forward to going to school and improves attendance as well as academic performance.

So now you have everything you need!  Not yet? Come on in to Bertrand’s Music–we have it all ready for you!