Make Children’s Music!

On the first day of summer, we hosted 3 guest artists in our Burbank location for Make Music LA 2017 and we had a wonderful time.

First up, Suns of Cali gave us a nice set of original songs and covers which was really special! Here is a taste:

Then our own Abby Lyons treated us to some songs from her eponymous CD! Abby is terrific and we also congratulate her on her LA launch last Friday night! Here she is with a song too new to even be on the CD, “Maybe I Already Know You.”


Our last guest artist was Cameron Clarke, who gave us some great tunes and brought a great audience as well! Two of them were a bit on the young side, so we got a couple of children’s songs in there. Here is and old favorite from when my kids didn’t know how to ride bikes, “Five Little Monkeys!”


Making children’s music like “Five Little Monkeys” with kids isn’t only a great way to entertain and interact with them, it teaches them about music before they are old enough to take lessons themselves. They don’t know it, but they are learning about rhythms, intervals, song structure, harmony and most importantly that making music is fun! At Bertrand’s Music, we are committed to bringing music to kids by helping them make music every day. Whether they are the next Yo Yo Ma or the next girl-next-door-who-plays-the-ukulele, music can be an important part of their lives through childhood and beyond!

This was our first year participating in Make Music LA but it definitely won’t be our last. We got to hear great artists, meet wonderful people, teach some ukulele, and spend a day making music in our little storefront–the best kind of day!

Did you go to any Make Music LA events? We would love to hear about them and any suggestions you might have for us to do next time. We don’t even have to wait until the first day of summer next year to have a live music event!